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Safeguarding the Freshness of Ocean Treasures


Agarwal Bulk Actives, a leading manufacturer of Fish, Seafood, and Marine Catches Preservatives, Offers Preserfish to safeguard these foods. When it comes to delicious food, nothing attracts the senses more than the abundance of the ocean. Fish, seafood, and marine captures have a distinctive flavour and texture combination that enhances dishes all around the world. PreserFish is committed to maintaining these marine treasures' exceptional taste, safety, and authenticity. Our creative solutions are designed to preserve the flavour and freshness of the seafood and marine catches you serve, improving your menu items.

Why Choose Preserfish for Fish, Seafood, and Marine Catches?

Preserfish is the trusted partner for preserving the quality of your fish, seafood, and marine catches. We stand out in the culinary world for our expertise in maintaining the freshness and flavor of your catches.


Quality Assurance

Be confident that our products have undergone extensive testing and are FSSAI-approved, meeting the highest industry standards. By choosing Preserfish, you ensure that your seafood dishes are of the highest quality available. We are committed to maintaining exceptionally high standards for your marine catches.

Freshness Preservation

The delicious flavours of fish and seafood are what distinguishes them. With Preserfish additives, we work continually to keep them fresher for longer, ensuring that each bite is as delicious as the last. Your seafood masterpieces will maintain their freshness, ensuring an outstanding eating experience.

Extended Shelf Life

Preserving the quality and taste of marine treasures is an art form, and we take it a step further by increasing their shelf life. This results in less waste and happy diners. Our additives not only improve freshness, but they also extend the shelf life of your seafood meals, decreasing food waste and increasing customer pleasure.

Safe Ingredients

Food safety is our priority, starting from ingredient selection. We handle ingredients with care to ensure the safety of your seafood dishes. Preserfish guarantees the use of safe and high-quality ingredients in every dish.

Diverse Applications

Our additives are versatile and suitable for various culinary uses. Whether you go to a seafood restaurant, catering service, or cook at home, Preserfish ensures your seafood remains safe and delicious. Our versatility caters to a wide range of culinary needs, ensuring consistent seafood quality.

Enhanced Flavors

Preserfish enhances the natural flavors of fish and seafood, making them truly exceptional. Expect an explosion of taste that delights your diners and keeps them coming back for more. With Preserfish, your seafood dishes will leave a lasting impression.

Dive into the World of Seafood with Confidence

Explore the world of fish, seafood, and marine catches, knowing that Preserfish is your trusted partner in preserving their excellence. Our additives are not just ingredients; they're a testament to our commitment to ensuring that your seafood dishes are of the highest quality and safety. Whether it's a seafood festival, a special occasion, or just a family dinner, your fish, seafood, and marine catches will always be a culinary delight.

At Preserfish, we bring you the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and safety in the world of seafood. Choose Preserfish to craft dishes that delight, mesmerize, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Versatile Applications of Preserfish

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