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Agarwal BulkActives Pvt. Ltd. Is Top Food Preservatives Supplier In Mumbai, prioritizes safer, healthier, and sustainable food solutions. We're dedicated to quality and innovation, ensuring top-notch products for all. Our mission revolves around enhancing food safety and quality through innovative FSSAI licensed food additives. Trusted by restaurants, caterers, street food vendors, canteens, and fishermen alike, we set the standard for delivering safer food options.

Who We Are

At Agarwal BulkActives Pvt. Ltd., we are a customer-centric company with a mission to revolutionize food safety and quality through innovation and dedication. Our vision is to be the leading supplier of FSSAI licensed food additives, setting the standard for safer and healthier food options across various industries including restaurants, caterers, street food vendors, canteens, and fisheries.


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Mission Statement

Safer food, healthier lives. Our mission is to enhance food safety and quality by providing innovative solutions that protect and preserve the integrity of food, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Vision Statement

Global leadership in innovative food additives. We envision a world where safe and fresh food is accessible to all, transforming the food industry through solutions that extend shelf life, reduce waste, and save valuable time.

Our Commitment

Our values are our guiding principles. We prioritize quality, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. We are committed to sustainability and accessibility, ensuring that safer and fresher food is available to all, while caring for the planet.

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